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Septic Inspection

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Septic Inspections- Inspections are performed by a CT. licensed Septic installer. We now offer 2 types of real estate septic inspections:

Basic Septic Tank Inspection- In conjunction with tank pumping we have a 1 page form which notes information such as tank level, tank type, size & condition. Tank location, distance to well, & depth of lids are also noted. We also check for water softeners and other grey water exiting the basement. The septic tank inspection cost $ 100.00 in addition to normal pumping charges.

Septic System Inspection- This is a full septic system inspection using the 5 page "Connecticut Recommended Minimum Existing Septic System Inspection Report". This report covers wastewater routing from the home, sewer pipe, septic tank & leaching system. This report also notes (where available) leaching system size compared to todays codes. The report notes water levels in the system & whether there are signs of prior high levels.This report covers system components which are accessible through reasonable hand digging including septic tank, d-boxes & some leaching structures.This inspection costs around $ 400.00 in addition to normal pumping charges.

Note: The inspections notes current working condition at the time of inspection and is not a gaurantee or warranty future performance.